Happy faces all round!

Felcourt Farm Concrete Works

We have worked with the Matthews family, at Felcourt Farm, for many years on various projects. Our most recent work saw the improvement of the extensive cattle shed.
The existing concrete floors had seen better days and were in need of some love. Unfortunately for this concrete that meant being ripped out and sent through a jaw crusher. This initially felt like a backward step but we found a good home for the now useful materials. These provided the sub base and structure for the new floor to be laid onto.

GPS Technology

This is where we used technology. Using our GPS equipment Leggat Plant were able to work out the cubic meters we would gain of the now crushed floor. This would enable us to fully understand what materials would be needed to top up the job. Utilising this technology meant we reduced the amount of lorries on the road carting the materials.
The levels on this farm are challenging with a large uphill drag for the slurry. As such we wanted to minimize the existing fall throughout the building. By raising the external levels we were able to achieve a shallower fall than the meter prior to our works.
Slabs were set up and poured in sections through the challenging heat of our summer, 2022 being the hottest summer on record, having sections receiving sunlight caused strikes of curing. Leggat Plant set out and poured the slabs with a 4-man strong team.

Concrete Grooving

Construction of a temporary steel bridge by our in-house fabrication department, allowed the team to undertake grooving in the concrete giving the cows the grip they require once slippery. By grooving the building in long strips this will allow future nibbling when the concrete wears.
The feed passage allows access to the external silage clamp that Leggat Plant has constructed previously. This has been built higher than the cattle areas for a guaranteed slurry stop. Holes for the steel work were carefully plotted out, and capped off, while pouring the floors to allow secondary steel work to be installed. In turn this will allow future replacement when steelwork rusts.
All the steel work has been recycled from the old silage clamp which has been cut up by the farm owner. Leggat Plant contracted the Master Blaster to sand blast and paint the columns. This has given the building a great new look with key materials having been recycled from the farm.
The external concrete areas had to be brought up to meet the newly built floors. This was once the existing floors were broken up to allow the materials to bind together. New Leggat Plant shuttering backed up the edges and allowed the concrete pours.
Once cured kerbs were installed allowing the farm to have a barrier for any slurry that may escape the scraper. Once the loose handling area was built up with chalk and compacted the farm team mobilised and installed their concrete panel system.

Teemore Cattle Kerbs

With the cows looking on to their newly built home the final touches were put in by both the farm and the Leggat Plant team using the Teemore kerbing system. This ensured comfort for the cows when lying in their cubicle’s. Sanding was undertaken and the building was ready.
Once completed we handed over to Richard and his dedicated team to welcome the family into the building, their new home, just as we saw a record-breaking rainfall and in time for the winter.
Now settled in we revisited the farm, just before Christmas, to make sure the heard were settled. A couple of small snags require our attention, once dry, and the cherry will be in place on top of the cake!

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