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With our own collection of equipment that can assist with projects of all natures Leggat Plant & Civils Ltd are a diverse and exciting company that continue to grow from working locally in the county to servicing works all across the UK.

We pride ourselves on the great people that make up our teams, their hard work and friendly customer service demonstrates our commitment to modern standards and traditional values.


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Civil Engineering

Improving infrastructure

Design stages through to construction for projects such as roads, buildings, pipelines, water supplies, sewage systems, structural works and more. Fulfilling projects for County Councils, Local Authorities, Property Developers and Private Clients.


With a range of excavators Leggat Plant & Civils Ltd can cover all areas of groundworks, from excavating trenches for services installations, foundation excavations, ground source heat pump trenches, drainage trenching, hard and industrial landscaping, the list goes on!  

Excavating the roadway, laying the base with membranes etc. and surfacing in a range of finishes from Asphalt to Gravite and many more. Leggat Plant & Civils Ltd can create haul roads, access roads and driveways of all specifications from domestic to industrial.
Using a specialist slot trenching machine to install land drainage systems for agricultural land, sports pitches and many other applications. Leggat Plant and Civils Ltd can plot a designed system in the area and the trenching machine can create unobtrusive trenches to install drainage pipe, redirecting the water and as dramatically improve the usage of the land.

Offering full turnkey delivery of structures, our skilled installation teams expertly erect structures from timber framed livestock accommodation to steel frame industrial units. Foundation, up to DPM, blockwork, brickwork, insulation, cladding, supporting services and all the finishing touches.   


Renewable energy installations are an ever-increasing sector of works. Providing the preparatory works for install with trenching for the ground arrays of ground source heat pumps, bore hole connections, header trenches and flow and return trenches. Working closely with renewable installers for successful installation of renewables on varying scales.


Crop storage solutions are fundamental to successful agricultural production. Involving many stages such as preliminary earthworks to prepare the area, followed by the installation of precast concrete panels, such as those used for a sloped wall silage clamp, finishing with surfacing the area with specifically designed asphalt.  


Breaking ground, for ground-breaking projects.

Leggat Plant & Civils Ltd cover all areas of groundworks, from excavating trenches for services installations, foundation excavations, ground source heat pump trenches, drainage trenching, hard and industrial landscaping and much more.   


Creating new build farm structures, improving existing agricultural sites, the range of livestock buildings worked on is extensive. Our experienced teams have erected stock sheds and cattle barns with specifically design details bespoke to the livestock being accommodated. With varying floor finishes from chalk to concrete with smooth or groove textures.


Applications of concrete are vast, from laying foundations, bases for buildings, yards, barn floors to name a few. As a fundamental part of many projects concreting to specific requirements can be found across the sectors of work. With varying finishes from an agricultural or industrial specification to a smooth polished finish suitable for commercial buildings.

Utilising the CAT paving machine, a new addition to the machinery fleet, to apply a variety of surfaces from Asphalt to Gravite. Supplying supporting machinery such as vibrating rollers for a high-quality finish.

Excavating trenches, installing or running ducting for services such as water, sewers, gas, electric, and so on. Most new structures will require the supporting works of service installs and can be factored in for a seamless build. Replacement of old services to allow for new systems or simply fixing an existing.   


Retaining wall structures such as gabion walls, for supporting large areas of land, reinforcing and strengthening.


When installing new energy systems on sites quite often there are requirements for a plant room to store the system equipment, designed to be sympathetic to listed properties, or functional commercial buildings.


The best equipment to get the job done.

A fully maintained range of specialist plant available, including excavators of all sizes, bulldozers, dumpers, rollers, telehandlers, slot trenching machine, paver, crane, to name a selection from the ever-expanding fleet.

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